Doctor Who: 10 Exciting Things We Know About Series 8

A who's Whovian guide of what we know so far...

A new dawn of the Doctor lies on a Gallifreyan horizon. It is to be galloped towards with Peter Capaldi at the helm, revving his TARDIS like it runs on cinnamon, scowling down a camera lens with silvery eyebrows. It's terrible mixed metaphor-inducingly exciting. Though of course, before the next Doctor arrives we have to say goodbye to the last one. Series 8 is as distant as Malcassairo. We know nothing that far ahead, do we? Or do we? Well, we know a bit. Steven Moffat and team have dropped clues, hints, and leaked the smallest of details, just to keep us from getting too upset about Matt Smith's departure. And if you're thinking "Have they?" Yes, they're fairly easy to have missed actually. But here are ten things we know are going to hit the Whoniverse in 2014.

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