Doctor Who: 10 Ingeniously Tiny Clues To Big Plots

all be intentional. Can they? If they're not, they're just coincidences. Still, watch the episodes back again, and you'll never look at these moments the same again.

10. The Doctor Finds His Jacket Again Let's start off with a simple example from 'Flesh and Stone' that you might recognise, and that everyone thought it was a continuity error. So the Doctor's being pursued by angry Weeping Angels, and in the melee of the drama, he's had his lovely tweed jacket pinched by one of those pesky statues. Amy can't open her eyes, so the Doctor tells her to trust him. And remember what he told her when she was a little girl €“ it's never been more important. Only, when he recounts this speech to her, we can see beyond the extreme close-up, that he's suddenly wearing his jacket again. Of course, we now know that it was the Doctor from a different point in his time-stream. That's why he had the jacket. And it's a lovely piece of writing to pen a scene that's appropriate for both episodes. But more importantly, it's an incredible clue to leave fans, and one that started off MPS (Moffat Paranoia Syndrome) for many of us Whovians.


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