Doctor Who: 10 Reasons Reece Shearsmith Should Appear In Future Second Doctor Adventures

From cameo to leading star and beyond, why it needs to happen.

Screen Shot 2013 12 10 At 13 10 12 While 'An Adventure In Space And Time' proved a brilliant showcase for David Bradley in the role of William Hartnell €“ with fans now clamouring for him to be allowed to portray the First Doctor in future audio/TV adventures €“ we couldn't help but note that Reece Shearsmith's cameo as Patrick Troughton was painfully short, though sweet. So the gist is let's give the man from the League Of Gentlemen a chance to prove himself worthy of stepping into the Second Doctor's shoes and indeed bow tie. Both 'The Light At The End' and 'The Hexford Invasion' showed us that vocal doubles at least work perfectly well, with Frazer Hines and Pat's son David respectively filling in for the wonderful original cosmic hobo on those occasions. And with Matt Smith €“ arguably Pat's closest successor in spirit and indeed portrayal of the Doctor €“ soon to vacate the TARDIS for Peter Capaldi's Twelfth incarnation to take over, surely the time is right to revisit the adventures of the first man to face the prospect of taking the helm of the trusty old Type 40? It would be a fitting Christmas present to the man and his memory if with 'The Time Of The Doctor' airing on Christmas Day ( December 25), the BBC at least considered paying tribute. There's even a nice symmetry of sorts as Pat was born on March 25, 1920. And with around nine months to work on it there's plenty of time to get it right!

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