Doctor Who: 10 Tantalising Time War Teasers

Gallifrey Time War Just as the ingenious introduction of the regeneration concept allowed the original Doctor Who series to extend its longevity, Russell T Davies's invention of The Last Great Time War was an inspirational piece of writing which has continued as an underlying story arc long past his tenure at the Nu Who helm. The big bad battle between Time Lords and Daleks serves several purposes, not least giving Christopher Ecclestone€™s Doctor a heavy dose of survivors guilt to add some overdue gruffness to the character €“ fitting for a new age where cricket whites or multi-coloured coats might not quite cut it on a Saturday night. Most of all though, the Time War has served the purpose of intriguing fans to the point of frenzy. For years Whovians young and old have wanted to know whether McGann regenerated in a warzone, which Doctor had their finger on the big red genocide button and what exactly happened to make the mostly-pacifist Doctor decide that killing all the Time Lords really was the only way out. In the years since the 2005 re-launch, fans have been treated to some tantalising teasers of what went on during the Time War through some great dialogue and fleeting moments hinting at epic-ness beyond our understanding. With less than a week to go until we hopefully get some pay off in The Day of the Doctor, we€™ve collected ten of the best references to the Time War to whet your appetites for the special (as if they need it!).

Honourable Mention €“ Doctor No More€ €“ The Night Of The Doctor As this piece was in the writing stage, the Moff went and blew the bloody doors off with an actual teaser for the Time War €“ the spectacular mini-sode The Night of the Doctor. If some how you haven€™t seen it yet, go check it out above. Isn't it awesome? Anyway, on with the show. With less than a week to go until The Day of the Doctor, please indulge in clicking through this list collecting the teases and references that first got us speculating about the Time War.
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