Doctor Who: 10 Things We Want To See In 'The Day Of The Doctor'

With less than a month now until the (very) highly anticipated 50th Anniversary episode €˜The Day of the Doctor€™ lands on our screens, everyone and their gran has their two pence on exactly what the 75 minute spectacular should entail. My gran was unavailable to comment, so instead I€™ve brought together the best rumours, mutterings and insanely optimistic expectations for the episode which I€™ve found around the worldwide web and also inside my own head. Indeed, Mr Moffat has one of the most difficult jobs in the entertainment world trying to bring all this and more into a coherent story. There is one thing I think he can leave out though€

Honorable Mention €“ The Doctor€™s Name

One thing I don€™t want to hear is The Doctor€™s real name. Previous episode €˜The Name of the Doctor€™ was a great set-up for the 50th full of nods to previous Doctors and a jaw-dropping, internet-exploding cliff-hanger ending. I for one am glad the episode dodged the eternal question of the Doctor€™s true moniker. Whatever they could come up with (and I€™m sure the writing team have had some epic brainstorming sessions), nothing would feel satisfactory or please everyone. It€™s what the Doctor does with his life, the name he chose, that matters. Before that he probably had a normal name, in my opinion. If it turned out he started out life as a really an evil kid, or the son of a murderous Time Lord, I think he€™s more than made up for it. After 50 years of epic adventures, surely any name would be a bit of a let-down. Don€™t bother, Moff!

10. Doctor Bromance

This little request comes first on the list because it already looks pretty blinking obvious. Judging by interviews with David Tennant and Matt Smith, as well as written descriptions of the Comic Con trailer, is seems clear that the €˜highly caffeinated€™ 10th and 11th Doctors are going to get on famously. The well-worn shtick of Doctors disliking each other has been done several times, making this change to the routine something to be genuinely excited about. The laughs and heartfelt moments that could come from this combination are surely going to be right at the heart of the episode. John Hurt€™s Doctor is sure to throw a spanner in the works and grumble at everyone, but this fan is very excited to see certain scenes play out like a sci-fi buddy movie between two very compatible (and very popular) Docs.

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