Doctor Who: 11 Greatest Matt Smith Stories

Matt Smith The Doctor may be regenerating this Christmas but there's enough time to celebrate Matt Smith's number 11 before he goes on his way. With bow ties and floppy hair, childish glee and the sorrow of an old man Matt Smith's Doctor has provided us with a unique era defined by many unforgettable companions and mind-boggling timey-wimey plot arcs. It is not, however, the plot-arcs that this article is celebrating but the stand-alone stories that make up the larger whole. From 'The Eleventh Hour' to 'The Day of the Doctor,' this article will go through the most memorable and the most emotionally hard-hitting episodes of Matt Smith's tenure.

11. Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS


Coming part-way through a fairly drab run of episodes, 'Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS' proved to be an impressive second attempt at a Doctor Who script from Steve Thompson. The episode does what Doctor Who fans had been dreaming of for years €“ it showed the hidden depths of the TARDIS. It's a satisfyingly logical look at what the ship would have under her shell from the massive, Gallifreyan library to the surreal 'heart of the TARDIS' trapped in a paused moment of time. The guest cast are given defined personalities and each go through arcs that are as interesting as can be expected for a story told in the space of 42 minutes. Also, the idea of a human coming to terms with the idea that he is not a cyborg is a neat little twist on the stereotypical self-aware machine. The best thing about the story however is the discoveries that Clara makes about her current predicament. We see her learn about the Doctor's past and come a little closer to him as a result. Also great is the revelation that she is about to become one of the hideous monsters that has been stalking them throughout the episode. It is well set up yet still unexpected, the sign of a well written twist in an an exciting, twisting episode of television that ties together nicely.

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