Doctor Who: 11 Iconic Things From Matt Smith's Era

11. The Orange Tardis Interior

Doctor Who Tardis (I€™m holding off on the blue TARDIS interior, because I think it would look quite nice with Twelve, don€™t you?) Let€™s go back in time, back to 2009, where we all had just tragically said goodbye to David Tennant and left with a new Doctor and€a new TARDIS interior. Now, for the past four seasons and two Doctors, we had kept the same (or a very close variation) of the TARDIS, but this was completely new. New Doctor, new mouth, new rules, new TARDIS. To me, this was the pinnacle of Steven Moffat saying €œLook who€™s running the show now, baby!,€ although there was less creepy music and less creepy laughter than I just imagined in my head. This TARDIS showed much more than a stunning display of orange. This TARDIS represented who Eleven was going to be. Essentially, it was the first clue of what we were in for, the first hint being that €“ as it was going to be brand new €“ the Doctor was going to be someone we hadn€™t had in New Who. It was also more flamboyant than the previous console, giving us a hint that this Doctor was going to be more out there, less serious. Also, as shown by a fellow WhatCulture writer, it is the only console in New Who so far that allowed us to see different ways of exiting the console room. That€™s incredibly important, as it reminds us how big the TARDIS really is €“ as watchers of New Who we may sometimes forget that.

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