Doctor Who: 12 Best Speeches Of NuWho

The Doctor Who writers do love a good speech or two, and here's twelve of the best.

People talk a lot in Doctor Who. A lot. It's most of what people do. There's always more talking than fighting. Relationships happen when people talk to each other. And the Doctor chatters on and on. And on. A good monologue can make you cry, laugh, or shout at the television. A great monologue may do all three. There's something about a character just talking, just stating the subtext, facing something and having a moment of understanding that's just wonderful. And because this is Doctor Who, some of those speeches do even more than that. Sometimes, it's a speech that defeats a monster. Or a speech that saves a life. Or a speech that channels the audience, giving audience reaction a moment in the spotlight. In Doctor Who, a monologue can be how you fall in love with a character. Every great Doctor starts off with a monologue about being the Doctor. A particular speech can define an era, a character, a relationship. A lot of good writers paired with great actors mean a ton of good speeches to choose from. We're on the 12th Doctor, so I chose 12 speeches and ordered them in terms of what I think are the best. Please, feel free to fight with me on my choices.
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