Doctor Who: 12 Steven Moffat Quotes You Might Not Have Heard

Love him or hate him, he sure comes out with some interesting comments...

Has there ever been a more divisive TV showrunner? Doctor Who and Sherlock boss Steven Moffat stands on a pyramid of "mixed reviews", propped up by Ross Gellar, Colin Baker, Anchorman 2 and the Arctic Monkeys' third album. For every fan proclaiming 'Blink' a masterpiece, there's a vigilante YouTuber declaring the 'The Day of the Doctor' as sacrilege rubbish. Some say he has the Midas touch, and others claim he's turning the show to stone. Half the fandom worship every last 45 minutes of television that he writes. The other half watch Doctor Who waiting for misogynist slip-ups, ready to line up the crosshairs on Twitter. But whether the fans adore or abhor him, they hang on his every teasing interview. When will the Master return? What's Capaldi like in the role? Is Mark Gatiss really doing another Ice Warriors story after 'Cold War'? And when Steven, are you leaving? You're not the following the Russell T Davies rule of thumb for how to run a successful BBC drama. Steven Moffat's said some bizarre, insightful, hilarious, poignant and downright wonderful things in the past. He's been misquoted and misunderstood, he's backtracked, he's teased and he's waxed lyrical, and that's just about his own work. But what does he think of his predecessors? The Doctors he's worked and not worked with? The stories that defined, inspired or informed his writing? Here are twelve select subjects that the Moff's had something to say about in the past.
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