Doctor Who: 5 Good Things About Day Of The Doctor (And 5 Bad)

Doctor Who John Hurt The Day of The Doctor has come and gone, and all in all it was a spectacular success. It managed to encapsulate just what everyone loves about The Doctor and his adventures, as well as set the stage for Christmas and beyond. However, despite the special being an amazing celebration of Doctor Who history, The Day of The Doctor did contain some elements that could have been better. Then again, there are some things that were absolutely pitch perfect and couldn't have gone better. Mixed bag as it may have been, I really did enjoy The Day of The Doctor more than I criticized it, but there are still a couple things I have to take the special to task on. Join me now, as I go through 5 things that worked about the special, as well as 5 things that could have worked a little better. So that we don't end on a negative note, we'll start with the things that didn't work.

5 Things That Didn't Work

5. Osgood Was A Horrible Character

Osgood First thing's first: Osgood is the Jar Jar Binks of The Day Of The Doctor. Her character adds very little to the story, except that of another hapless member of UNIT personnel just waiting to get waylaid by the baddies. As if that wasn't bad enough, she stands around praying for The Doctor to save everyone, as if he were her God or something. To top off the sundae of annoyance... she never takes off the Fourth Doctor's scarf. One could see it as foreshadowing, but I see it as unintentional product placement for Etsy, and really bad product placement at that. Yes, it helped her survive in a pinch, but it was still rather interesting to have this character constantly walking around with an oversized scarf on her person. Osgood could have been put to better use instead of outdoing Martha Jones in the category of "Biggest Doctor Fangirl On Earth", and she displays a glimpse of the intelligence that could have carried her into being a decent secondary companion. Unfortunately, she's relegated to a role that's much more impractical and insulting to the actress who played her, as well as fans everywhere.
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