Doctor Who: 5 More Predictions For 50th Anniversary Special

Doctor Who 50th Hurt Doctor

As the month of November passes by and the days to wait until the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special is released swiftly lessen our questions about what Moffat has in store for us grow more intriguing (maybe). Why isn't John Hurt aloud to call himself the Doctor when his introductory title card is? Why does falling through someone's time-stream make you land in a CG world of rocks and body-doubles? And why is Christopher Eccleston more interested in reciting cliched 'villain dialogue' in white-face make-up than reprising the greatest role on British television? All of these questions will be answered if we're lucky but until then lets speculate! That's what the internet is for.

We've been treated to a few intriguing trailers and shorts in honor of the upcoming adventure which have cleared up a lot of the questions that may have been left to us in the wake of 'The Name of The Doctor' (Series 7, Episode 13) so with their assistance I have compiled my thoughts and gut-instincts on the upcoming episode.


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