Doctor Who: 5 Reasons Why 'Blink' Is The Modern Day 'An Unearthly Child'

Doctor Who An Unearthly Child It's regarded as the standalone classic of its era; a spooky, present-day set timey-wimey mystery told from the viewpoint of two intrepid young Earthlings wherein the Doctor barely features but is all the more impacting for it. The runaway highlight of the series, it has fans still dissecting and discussing it years later while many of its contemporary stories are largely left by the wayside. Oh, you think I'm talking about Blink, don't you? Well you are mistaken. Partially. During a recent rewatch of both the aforementioned 2007 episode and 1963's An Unearthly Child; the beginning to begin all beginnings, it occurred to me just how tonally, thematically and structurally similar these episodes are and how Blink, despite being the 10th episode of the 3rd series of its era, is just as worthy a starting point to Doctor Who as the classic that started them all. It's surely fitting, amidst celebrations of the 50th anniversary, to compare Doctor Who's very first episode to its most acclaimed. So with that in mind here are five ways in which Blink is the 21st Century successor to An Unerathly Child...

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