Doctor Who: 5 Theories The Doctor Influenced His Own Timeline In The 2013 Specials

With both the Day of the Doctor and Time of the Doctor behind us, the series has "rebooted" in a sense. The writers for the show managed to successfully breath new life into the 11th Doctor, and coincidentally into the series as well. But before we take on the next 50 years of DW, let's take a closer look at how the 2013 specials may have influenced the Doctor's past, present, and future. In the Christmas special, it was revealed how exactly the Siege of Trenzalore basically influenced the entirety of Matt Smith's tenure as the Doctor. But in the next 5 theories, let's highlight key moments and revelations that may have impacted the Doctor's timeline, including his own behaviour, in ways you may have missed.

5. Catching Wind Of A Catchphrase It€™s obvious the Doctor has some lingering memories about the events of the 50th anniversary, even though the show establishes that the Doctors forget everything as soon as they go back to their original timeline. This is evident when Eleven says €œAh..This is where I come in€, just before he throws his fez into the time wormhole. Eleven doesn€™t know the exact details of what's to come, but something is clearly there in the back of his mind. And because we have evidence that the Doctor likes to learn from himself, could this also apply to several of the Doctor's popular catchphrases as well? Throughout the 50th anniversary special, the War Doctor exposes himself to these catchphrases, such as Ten's "Allons-y" and Eleven's "Geronimo". Perhaps, the Doctor reaches back into those lingering memories of the 50th, when he's trying to coin new catchphrases. Doctor Who theories are always up for interpretation, but this one should fall into the "Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey" box for most Whovians - which again, is another catchphrase the War Doctor heard. This theory also gives Ten's "I don't want to go" line from the 50th special more substance, instead of the Doctor coincidentally repeating his last line for the sake of an homage.
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