Doctor Who: 7 Reasons To Bring Back The Rani

7. A Chance To Reinvent The Character

BBCBBCOne of the biggest draws of bringing the Rani back to TV would be to watch the always stunning Kate O'Mara reprise her role; in fact, Ms. O'Mara stated in an interview that she would love to be invited back to the show to play the character once more. Sadly, her death earlier this year means her return will no longer be possible. However, this doesn't mean the character can't put in an appearance. Being a Time Lord, the Rani has the ability to regenerate, so it wouldn't be all that difficult to explain a change in her appearance. It would be a little difficult at first watching someone other than Kate O'Mara play the Rani because her performance was part of what made the character so memorable. On the other hand, it would also be a tribute to the late actress's skill that a character she was the first to portray had been brought into the 21st century. Introducing the Rani into the modern series and casting a different actress could be a bit difficult to successfully achieve - if the powers-that-be try it at all, they will have to be especially sure they cast the right woman. But a successful casting could potentially show us a different side to the Rani, bringing an extra dimension to an already vibrant character.
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