Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor In Gifs

Series 5, Episode 7: 'Amy's Choice'

Amyschoice Gif"Now, which one of these men would you really choose? Look at them. You ran away with a handsome hero. Would you really give him up for a bumbling country doctor who thinks the only thing he needs to be interesting is a ponytail?"Stop it.""But maybe it's better than loving and losing the Doctor. Pick a world, and this nightmare will all be over. They'll listen to you. It's you they're waiting for. Amy's men. Amy's choice." The Dream Lord boards the TARDIS, offering the Doctor, Rory and Amy two realities with which to choose from: one where Amy is pregnant and married to Rory in Leadworth, the other where the TARDIS is freezing. Rory dies (for the first time) and Amy realises how much she loves him.

Series 5, Episode 8: 'The Hungry Earth'

Hungryearth1 Gif"I can't do the words. I'm dyslexic.""Oh, that's all right, I can't make a decent meringue. Draw like your life depends on it, Elliot." The trio visit Wales in 2020, where humans are drilling into the Earth's core. Homo-Reptilia though are drilling in the opposite direction, ready to take their planet back.

Series 5, Episode 9: 'Cold Blood'

Coldblood1 GifColdblood2 GifColdblood3 Gif"Now, as my people awaken from their thousand year sleep ready to rise to the surface, my thoughts turn back to the Doctor. The losses he suffered then and the greater loses that were still to come." The humans and the Silurians are unable to come to a treaty when blood is spilled. The cracks in Amy's wall return and claim another victim, in the shape of Rory, who is erased from time.

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