Doctor Who: Exploring The Many Doctors That Weren't

Dr. Who - Peter Cushing (1965, 1966)

Dr Who Cushing Back during the 1960s, when Doctor Who popularity was really getting going and Dalekmania was at its height, two theatrical Doctor Who movies were made. They featured a human character named Dr. Who who built a machine called TARDIS that was bigger on the inside than out. With his granddaughters, Susan and Barbara, and Barbara's boyfriend, Ian, they travel off to Skaro and fight the Daleks. Later, they have a second adventure against the Daleks, this time with Susan, Louise, Dr. Who's niece, and a police officer who later went on to be Donna Noble's grandfather. These movies are not good. They aren't horrible, but they certainly, well... suck compared to the rest of the cannon. Put it this way: if you couldn't get enough of the Power Ranger Daleks, then these movies are right up your alley. That said, Peter Cushing's character, Dr. Who, is an interesting fellow. He's part Hartnel, part something else. The movies themselves aren't a part of the official Doctor Who canon, though there are those who say that in the Doctor Who universe, they were created by Ian and Barbara to warn the world of the dangers of the Daleks. We can see how well that worked, since clearly everyone in the new series who has seen a Dalek knows exactly what they are and how dangerous they can be. /sarcasm

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