Doctor Who: Why The Fourth Doctor Really Would Make A Great Art Curator

The Curator Doctor Who Perhaps the biggest surprise arising from 'The Day Of The Doctor' was the appearance of The Curator, a character who looked suspiciously like an older version of the Fourth Doctor. Whether he really had chosen to retire from saving the universe and go full time into the art world prompted by his dalliance with Da Vinci & the Mona Lisa in ' City Of Death', taking a nice easy desk job at UNIT with payment in jelly babies of all colours as well as a chance to pinch his scarf back from Osgood, or was part of a bigger plot to encourage his Eleventh self to go back home to Gallifrey, wasn't made all that clear. Of course, he has form there too. One repeat viewing of 'The Deadly Assassin' and/or 'The Invasion Of Time' makes as much clear. So on second thought he can't be blamed for opting to become a sort of cultural attache to Kate Lethbridge-Stewart. Who knows- maybe it was her dear departed dad the Brigadier who first offered his scarf-wearing Time Lord chum the role after turning down a shortlist of candidates which included the Doctor's past & future selves? We do know, though, that whoever gave him the job made the right choice, and here's why. Now, before we begin, would you like a jelly baby?

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