Doctor Who: Patrick Troughton's 10 Best Bits

Yes, there's a lot of recorder-playing...

Doctor Who Patrick Troughton Diary With the sad news that 'The Time Of The Doctor' will herald the last stand of the Eleventh incarnation of everybody's favourite Time Lord, new Whovians could be forgiven for thinking the end is nigh for clowning, calculation, bow ties and strange hat choices. Worry not though, for a simple delve into the archives of classic Who reveals a wealth of the above. And while not many full Second Doctor stories survive, Patrick Troughton's time aboard the TARDIS €“ a three year stretch from the end of 'The Tenth Planet' in 1966 to 1969's 'The War Games' €“ is remembered fondly by many, including Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Matt Smith. Oh, and the 'Who' production team. Going by his return appearances in 'The Three Doctors' (1972), 'The Five Doctors' ( 1983) and 'The Two Doctors' (1985), the cosmic hobo was rightly welcomed back with open arms. Plus he was the first Doctor to have his face integrated into the title sequence, from 'The Macra Terror' onwards. A small detail but a telling one, we're sure you'll agree. Plus for a mid-Sixties Time Lord it must be said that he had remarkable fashion sense. The Beatles were brewing a revolution in the pop charts and the Second rode that wave with a barnet that made him look a bit like a disheveled Paul McCartney. And he played the recorder too.. if that doesn't make you fall in love with him instantly, hopefully this countdown of his greatest episodes/moments will do the trick!

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