Doctor Who Series 8: 10 Actors Who Could Play The Master

10. Steve John Shepherd

We'll get this guy out of the way right off the bat. Currently, the rumor mill is swirling most about him being cast in the part. After posting some vague picture of himself standing near the ocean, coincidentally just after McCoy's announcement, people have run with the theory that he's the man for the job. I guess any time someone posts obscure images of themselves standing in exotic locations looking aloof and it happens RIGHT ON THE HEELS of a former Doctor actor making a means they're bound to end up on the show. Considering that's enough of an argument to hold a little water (except not really), it doesn't seem far fetched really (yes it does). The former EastEnders actor has a huge following all of his own and many of his fans have lobbied Who's writers with pictures and posters of the actor in the hypothetical role of the Master. He certainly has a bit of a throwback look to him, something a bit more classic, and is a far cry to Simm's past appearance, especially in his weird beach photo. And now that we know Series 8 will be more of a throwback to classic Who stories, Shepherd's appearance fits alongside Capaldi's. And teaming a slightly younger Master to a slightly older Doctor could make for a great rapport. So take throwback looks and stories and tie them with a "very, very scary" performance and voila! You've got a Moffat style Master.

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