Doctor Who: "The Time Of The Doctor" Announced For Christmas

The Day Of The Doctor TrimdownOn the heels of the wildly successful 50th anniversary special, The Day of The Doctor, the BBC have announced key details for this year's Christmas Special: The Time Of The Doctor. The official synopsis is as simple as the following: "The Time of the Doctor" follows Clara and the Time Lord "to a quiet backwater planet in order to learn what some strange signals mean for his very existence". Now judging from what we know based on the trailers and what's been told to us in The Day Of The Doctor, this small backwater planet could/should be Trenzalore. Judging by the art, as well as the remarks that The Doctor will be dying "among millions", it's safe to assume that all of the monsters we've seen in the short 10 second trailer are going to converge (for what reason, we do not know) on Trenzalore and wage a gigantic battle. A battle where The Doctor will pay the ultimate price. The Day of The Doctor is set for transmission this Christmas Day. Check Your Local Listings as more details become available.
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