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Titles 1024x575 The Doctor Who Title Sequence is a strange beast, it has changed almost as much as its titular character over the last 50 years. Since 2005 alone we have had 3 variations. Like the Doctor himself everyone has their favourite. The signature image that symbolises the adventures that are about to unfold. We have had variations on time tunnels, star fields and psychedelic swirls, each testing the ingenuity of their creators and anchoring the eras in the time in which they were produced. Similarly the theme, created by Delia Derbyshire during many nights in the Radiophonic Workshop and written by Ron Grainer on a torn off piece of paper of all things. The theme has essentially remained the same at its core but has had many different reworkings. Speaking of which, honourary mention must go to the group Orbital for turning a cult theme into an epic modern tune which wouldn't be out of place played to drunken ravers in the early hours of the morning on a Saturday night. The logo too is a key part of this as well, which again has changed so much over the years. In an era when marketing is the big thing, the branding has never been so crucial. I will be taking a look through the title sequence archive and ranking each based on three factors, the logo, the style and the theme. Lets get started.
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