Doctor Who: 10 Actors Who Could Replace Jenna Coleman

Here come the boys.

Following the ongoing rumours regarding Jenna Coleman's future in Doctor Who (the most recent development is that she'll be leaving halfway through Series 9, though that will probably have changed by the time you're reading this!), speculation as to who the BBC is lining up to replace her has been at an all time high. When you combine that with the continuous discussions regarding the next Doctor being a female, perhaps it's time for a change to the traditional companion, too. And why? Throughout the Doctor's half a century on our screens, the role of the Time Lord's coveted companion has been portrayed by females for the most part. There have been many male companions over the years, of course - Ian, Stephen, Jamie, Harry, Adric, Turlough and Rory, to name but a few - and they have all made fine additions to the TARDIS crew. Some, like Ian Chesterton for example, were around to do the heavy lifting for the rather frail First Doctor. This was originally intended to be Harry Sullivan's purpose also, before the ever young and healthy Tom Baker was cast. For the girls though, their mantra has mostly consisted of screaming, running down endless corridors and yelling "What's that, Doctor?" - until the revived series came along, that is. But there's no reason as to why the show wouldn't break its habit and cast a male in the role as the TARDIS' new full time resident and there's plenty of brilliant actors out there (and then some) who would more than fit the bill. You've seen our list of 10 actress who could replace Jenna Coleman so here's the other end of the spectrum - 10 of the most likely male candidates for the (probably) soon to be vacated position of the Twelfth Doctor's faithful companion. And, in keeping with Peter Capaldi's roots, the list begins with a fellow Scot...
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