Doctor Who: 10 Animated Characters Who Would Make Great Companions

9. Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)

stewiesized In a previous article, when I mentioned Stewie as a potential foe for the Doctor, I also touched upon the possibility of a reformed Stewie making an excellent companion. Stewie is an adventurous little chap and he isn't afraid of a challenge. His resourceful and inventions could come in very handy for the Doctor. He makes a formidable opponent on his own, so to combine his talents with those of the Doctor would be really interesting to see. I imagine the conversations between the two would be quite special as well. And I can just picture Stewie copying the Doctor's dress sense. Of course, Stewie isn't unfamiliar with the concept of time-travel either, so he wouldn't be phased by the prospect of stepping in to the TARDIS and joining the Doctor on his next quest - wherever, or indeed whenever - it may be.
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