Doctor Who: 10 Best Modern Villains

dddwdw Since its resurrection in 2005 Doctor Who has gone on to be a phenomenally popular programme the world over. What makes this tiny British sci-fi so popular though? Is it the Doctor? Yes of course! Is it the Tardis? Obviously it€™s the Tardis! Is it the surprising array of acting talent from the most unlikely sources? (Talking about you Piper!) Yes that too! But one thing that is inescapably awesome about Doctor Who is the bad guys, those villainous villains with their villainous plans of villainy. With Christmas Day seeing the triumphant return of the Doctor, battling against evil Snowmen overseen by the voice of Gandalf, we figured it would be interesting to take a little reflective look at ten of the best monsters that we have seen so far from Eccleston, Tennant and Smiths adventures as our favourite Time Lord.

10. Lady Cassandra €“ The Last Human

lady cassan You wouldn€™t really think that a piece of stretched skin with lips and eyes and a brain in a jar could be that much trouble right? Wrong. Lady Cassandra, the last €˜pure€™ human in the universe was trouble in spades. She started her Who career early in Episode 2, trying to kill everyone on Platform One in a complicated money based scheme in her first appearance before returning to the show in series 2 where she really stands out. Abandoning her surgically stretched body, she uses some mind hop thing to inhabit first Rose and then the Doctor stirring up some uncomfortable moments for the pair as she reveals the feelings that they clearly have for one another. She goes on to try to bribe the Cat People nurses when she uncovers their schemes and generally has no compassion for any being other than herself. Top that off with Chip, her personal clone slave and the only person who cares about her at all, whom she abandons to die without a second thought. We love that kind of malice from our villains here at WhatCulture! The thing that caps off Cassandra is at the end of the episode when she helps the Doctor save the people of the hospital and then dies in her own arms €“ (€œwibbly wobbly timey wimey€). It gives a nice ark to the character and quite an emotive ending to a rip roaring silly adventure episode. Best quote: €œIt depends on your definition of 'people'. And that's enough of a technicality to keep your lawyers dizzy for centuries€ Appearances: €œThe End of the World€ and €œNew Earth€
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