Doctor Who: 10 Best NuWho Guest Stars Ever

The best of the guests.


Guest stars are a huge part of the revived series of Doctor Who. While the main focus of fans and indeed most episodes tends to be on the Doctor and his various companions, someone has to play the people they meet on their adventures to strange and wonderful new worlds.

The world's longest running sci-fi programme offers a variety of roles for guest cast to play. Accept a part and you could end up as an alien overlord,  a historical figure or even a computer programme. Imagine turning up to work to spend a day as an interdimensional pirate or a secret agent involved in extraterrestrial affairs and you can see why so many people love taking time out of their schedule to be on Doctor Who!

They're not just filling in the gaps, of course. Guest stars can attract fans of other show to the show - for example, the fandom combination SuperWhoLock might not nearly be as popular on social media sites like Tumblr if it hadn't been for Mark Sheppard popping up in Series 6. That's not all, though. A guest actor putting in a star turn with their performance can elevate an episode from the realms of being good to absolutely great.

With the hype train rolling on guest stars for Series 9 (Maisie Williams! David Schofield! Other people!), it's time to look back at some of the best guest stars of the revived series so far. Click "Next" to begin. 

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