Doctor Who: 10 Deleted Scenes You Have To See

Salvaged from the cutting room floor.

Doctor Who

One of the most exciting things about getting your hands on a complete Doctor Who DVD (or Blu-ray, if you're that way inclined) is the chance to finally feast your eyes on its accompanying foray of deleted scenes. It's a somewhat obligatory special feature for any boxset but one which has unfortunately distinctly lacking from the show's most recent releases.

Saying that, though, plenty of great previously unseen footage has been salvaged from the cutting room floor over the years for our viewing pleasure and, more often than though, the scenes were cut as a result of the formidable time restraints. Even with a TARDIS time isn't always the Doctor's speciality and the show's 45 minute running time just isn't long enough to include all of the footage that's filmed.

There have been some moments, however, that have never even 'scene' the light of day. The above shot of River Song, apparently naked, is one of them. It was included in the first Series 6 teaser trailer but never actually turned up - and to the dismay of many, no doubt - in any of its episodes. Trust us. It's not there. There's still more than enough to keep us busy in the deleted scenes departure though, and over the next 10 pages you'll find 10 of them which you have to see.

It's basically like getting even more Doctor Who for our money and who can argue with that? Some of them will make you laugh, some of them will confuse and some of them will just break your heart. You have been warned.

Doctor Who Editor
Doctor Who Editor

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