Doctor Who: 10 Huge Plot Holes The Writers Hoped We Forgot

9. Where Exactly Did The Daleks Come From?

The Daleks are almost as old as the character of the Doctor, appearing in the second episode of the series, and terrifying children across the nation. But there's a lot of inconsistency on how the creatures actually came to be. When they first appeared in the show, the Daleks were creatures who had mutated from the Dals, after a nuclear war; they were a peaceful race forced into war, but they became monsters when they tried poisoned their own atmosphere. In 'Genesis of the Daleks' though, the Dals were now called the Kaleds, and they had a creator, Davros, who genetically engineered them. From the 70's onwards, their original backstory was somewhat unmentioned, in favour of the Davros idea; he's widely regarded as the canonical creator of the Daleks these days. The new series has implied that history was rewritten, but modern writers are too busy wiping out all the Daleks to bring them right back again, right? This isn't new though; the Daleks seemingly all died in their first serial, but were only brought back because they were so popular.
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