Doctor Who: 10 Interesting Theories About Clara Oswald's Departure

The impossible girl is on her way out...

...possibly! The thing is, nobody really knows for sure what the hell is going on when it comes to the life and times of Clara Oswald. After parting ways (again) with the Twelfth Doctor at the end of the last series, it looked like her TARDIS days were over for good until it materialised on her rooftop on Christmas Day. A festive jaunt with Santa Claus in the North Pole convinced everybody's favourite impossible girl that she wasn't done yet as she hopped back aboard that beloved blue box for extraterrestrial escapades anew in Series 9. So, what happens next? Well, your guess is as good as ours. Jenna Coleman's return in this year's string of adventures will officially make her the longest serving companion of the revived series (in your face, Amy Pond!) and the theme of Series 9 has been described as "the glory days" which suggests that she and the Doctor will be closer than ever before. But what lee does the future hold for our soufflé making star? Is time finally running out? Steven Moffat has teased that a complicated journey awaits Clara in Series 9 and here are 10 interesting theories about how she could finally be calling it a day. That is, if she even is. It's a case of taking it an episode at a time by this point, but it's fun to speculate nonetheless.

Doctor Who Editor
Doctor Who Editor

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