Doctor Who: 10 Moments In NuWho That Made Us Cry

Doctor Who is great escapism, but sometimes it just makes us cry.

Doctor Who Vincent and the Doctor Tony Curran

Doctor Who is the perfect escapism from the world when things get tough. It's full of adventures in the stars, monsters and fantastical worlds. We love to put ourselves in the companion's shoes and wonder where we'd go next if we were in their place.

Once in a while, something happens that takes us by surprise, and we learn that it's not all fun and games on the TARDIS and there are some difficult themes and conversations to have.

Since Doctor Who returned in 2005, it has traumatised audiences with some of the scariest monsters on TV. Aside from that, the show has also traumatised audiences by proving itself to be one of the saddest series of all time.

It's a show which has death, destruction, and constant change at its heart, so it's no wonder that many episodes have hit us where it hurts emotionally.

In this list, we won't be counting regenerations and companions exits. There'll be no "I don't want to go," or Doctor Donna, nor any Doomsday or Cyber Bill Potts. Instead we're focusing on the moments that came from nowhere, ripped our hearts out, threw them on the ground and stamped all over them.

10. Grace's Ghost

Doctor Who Vincent and the Doctor Tony Curran

In the first episode of Jodie Whittaker’s era, The Woman Who Fell to Earth, we assumed the titular Woman Who Fell to Earth would be Jodie’s Doctor. Instead, we discovered that the title actually represented Grace who fell from a crane while taking on a "gathering coil".

She defeated the mass by electrocuting it, but was zapped and fell to the ground where she died in her husband’s arms. It was a heartbreaking event that left fans shaken at a devastating loss so early on.

Following her death, her husband Graham and grandson Ryan continued to travel with the Doctor. They saw many amazing things and always kept Grace firmly in mind; her influence was felt through all their adventures even long after she was gone.

By the end of Revolution of the Daleks, Graham and Ryan decided that it was time to leave the Doctor. It was a rare moment where companions haven’t been forced out of the TARDIS or killed off.

The last we see of Ryan and Graham, they’re on the field where we first met them, with Ryan trying to ride his bike. In the glow of the sun, Grace appears beaming at them. It was a beautiful way to bring their character arc full circle and left us crying kind-of-happy tears.

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