Doctor Who: 10 Most Embarrassing Episodes For Once-Formidable Villains

doctor who companions For a long-running program with fifty years of adventures such as Doctor Who, it's inevitable that some villains will make multiple appearances, either due to fan demand or lack of fresh ideas from the writers and producers. As with most serialized programs, the creators would rather reuse existing sets and monster costumes than start fresh from square one every single week, due mainly to budgetary concerns. Some of the most popular reoccurring monsters in the Doctor Who universe such as the Daleks and Cybermen at one point had such awesome powers they held whole galaxies under their command (as well as the Earth), and if you were a child when originally watching these episodes €“ perhaps hiding behind the sofa in terror €“ their sheer strength and force seemed unlimited. Unfortunately, with the constant reappearance of many of these foes, their impact upon the viewer and their seeming invulnerability was lessened. With that in mind, here's 10 examples of how the passing of time has made these once fearsome enemies somewhat laughable.
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