Doctor Who: 10 Most Terrifying NuWho Monsters

Which aliens from NuWho made us cower behind the couch, and made us wary of what's under our beds.


Doctor Who has been a staple of British TV since its inception, however it surged in popularity during the Christopher Ecclestone led revival.

Though the sci-fi series had some certified spooks prior to Eccleston, NuWho arguably introduced the scariest monsters that even rival some modern horror films. Some are scary in concept, some are scary to look at, but regardless, they managed to give us nightmares and make us quiver.

Let's take a look at the lethal creatures that made us cower behind the couch.

Spin-offs such as Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures will not be included, though if the latter was, the Trickster would make this list.

This list will contain spoilers for a multitude of episodes across NuWho.


10. The Silents (The Impossible Astronaut)


Warning: Video contains flashing images.

The creatures that plagued the Eleventh Doctor in multiple episodes of Series 6, the Silents had a truly disturbing presence.

With someone instantly forgetting them once they look away, it created a consistent air of paranoia in every episode.

We got to see their immense power as well, as they harness electricity to shatter and utterly destroy an innocent woman in the bathroom of the White House.

It's worth mentioning that they were introduced to the Whoniverse at the height of Slenderman's popularity, and their long limbs, suits, and creepy faces are reminiscent of the internet sensation.

They established themselves as omnipresent villains, and were a fantastic addition to the rogues gallery of NuWho.

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