Doctor Who: 10 Most Underrated Eleventh Doctor Episodes

The stories that didn't quite make audiences go "GERONIMO!"


While most TV shows are lucky if they make it to a second season, anyone who signs up to lead Doctor Who is pretty much guaranteed three seasons - possibly even more - right off the bat, should they wish to stay that long.

As a result, we get to spend a hell of a lot of time with each Doctor, and when reflecting on a particular era, it's inevitably the dizzying high points or momentous occasions - the regeneration episodes, the series finales - that filter through to the top, while a lot of the in-between or more middling stories tend to get left by the wayside.

Example: ask someone what the best or most popular Eleventh Doctor episodes are and you're bound to hear the likes of The Eleventh Hour, The Pandorica Opens, The Day of the Doctor, The Angels Take Manhattan - and others - in response.

So, we've gathered up a few episodes that you probably won't hear in response to that question, stories that, while not necessarily amazing (though a few are), are nonetheless deserving of more credit than they commonly get.

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