Doctor Who: 10 Music Icons That The Doctor Needs To Meet

When legends collide.

The Doctor has met some inspiring individuals throughout his travels, and many of them are from the planet Earth, like former Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Nazi menace Adolf Hitler and the nicely rounded Queen Victorica... Just don't mention the werewolf! Nevertheless, despite the fact that the Time Lord has met some many historical role models in his adventures, there is quite the lack of musical talent seen. So, why isn't there famous and inspiring musical role models in Doctor Who? Well, maybe it should be time to change that. Series 9 is slowly approaching and there is still time to cram in an episode or two with a vibrant burst of musical history. Here, it will range from the soft soothing tone of a very recognisable voice that is Frank Sinatra to the heavier alternative Metal sounds from Thrash Metal pioneers Metallica. Plus, the idea of why the Doctor should meet them and see if they could have any influence on the man himself. The Ninth Doctor liked a bit of early 80's Pop and 1940's Jazz, whilst the Tenth Doctor was seen as quite the punk... And probably only a psychiatrist will know what the Eleventh Doctor listened to! So, get the earphones get the ready and relax to this list of who the Doctor should meet and greet within the music industry...
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