Doctor Who: 10 Obscure Facts You Never Knew

Doctor Who This is for all Doctor Who fans out there - these ten obscure facts that you probably didn€™t know are dedicated to you. The facts included range from New Series facts to things that happened in the classic series, from appearances by future Who stars in movies, to the cancellation of the original run of the show itself. Everything and anything from the Whovian canon is up for inclusion, just as long as you probably did not know about it. As ever, some may already know the following facts, but most won't know them all.

10. There Was Almost A Doctor Who Animated Series

Doctor Who Animated Series And no, I€™m not talking about Scream of The Shalka€™s possible spin off. Back in the late €˜80s, Canadian animating company Nelvana got the rights from the BBC to produce an animated Doctor Who series. The company are infamous for animating The Care Bears and the cartoon bits from the train wreck that was the Star Wars Holiday Special, so their track record wasn't exactly impeccable. It is perhaps very lucky then that the series never got past the early stages of development. The series envisaged K9 as floating rather than moving on the ground (as if that would ever happen!). The Daleks would be able to transform into tank like creatures that no longer had guns or sucker arms but a drill and a weird mirror thing. The Doctor€™s companion would be a young black girl, beating Martha Jones appearance as the first female black companion by twenty years. The Company now mainly does animation more similar to Japanese Amie films.
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