Doctor Who: 10 Potential Outfits For Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor

Doctor Who 58064 So with the announcement of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor many a Whovian started to ask the important questions. What kind of personality will Twelve have? What quirks? Will Capaldi be using his own accent? How will his relationship with Clara change? What will his catchphrase be? And likely the most intriguing and, especially for cos-players, eagerly awaited question: what will his outfit be?! So let's have a look and see ten different outfits that might suit the Twelfth Doctor.

10. Eleven's Outfit

Peter Capaldi Tardis2 Okay, so the chances of Twelve wearing Eleven's outfit is rather unlikely. Only the Second Doctor really kept anything of major similarity to his previous incarnation. And we know that we'll almost certainly see Capaldi in Eleven's outfit just after he regenerates. It'll be nice to see - I always enjoy seeing a new Doctor in an old Doctor's clothes. Eleven's newest outfit will have only been in 9 episodes by the time he regenerates - in The Crimson Horror he wore a similar but alternative one - so it'd be nice to see it last for a little while longer. Plus it would save us the pain of having to say goodbye to the bow tie for... well, who knows how long.

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