Doctor Who: 10 Problems With Revolution Of The Daleks

Doctor Who Review: She does realise that the TARDIS Is Alive, Right?


2021's New Year's Day Special, Revolution of the Daleks, certainly had its highs and lows.

The Doctor, imprisoned at the end of the previous series by the Judoon, was reunited with Captain Jack Harkness. Aside from a brief cameo in last year's Fugitive of the Judoon, the loveable rogue Time Agent has been absent from the show for over ten years.

Jack's presence could have heralded a return to a more familiar Doctor Who during this special. Even the return of the Daleks, with a sleek new look but strangely familiar plan, had audiences sold. However, despite the return of these two Doctor Who icons, the episode still had fans scratching their heads and pointing out some of the problems with its plot, characters, and inconsistencies.

Despite saying goodbye to companions Graham and Ryan, and managing to tie up some hanging plot threads, this instalment of the Doctor Who mythos materialised some more plot holes. Following on from showrunner Chris Chibnall unravelling Doctor Who canon last series (looking at you, Timeless Children), this anticipated special wasn't safe from problematic plot points and, unfortunately, some careless writing.

From moments that break the Whoniverse's established lore, the Doctor acting out of character and wasted Captain Jack potential, these are 10 problems with Revolution of the Daleks.

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