Doctor Who: 10 Reasons We Want The Master To Return

The Master is one of Doctor Who€™s oldest and greatest villains. He has battled almost all The Doctors on TV with the exception of The Ninth and Eleventh incarnations (we are counting The First and Second Doctor€™s meeting with him in €œThe Five Doctors€) and has almost beaten them. He has worked with Daleks, Cybermen and several other creatures from the Whoniverse. He even killed The Doctor once, forcing him the regenerate. He has brought Earth and several other worlds to the brink of destruction almost as many times as both The Daleks and Cybermen. Here are the top ten reasons The Master must return...

10. He is The Doctor€™s Equal

doctor who the master The Doctor has battled hoards of enemies from the Grask to Daleks, Cybermen and Sensorites. Let us be clear though: how many of them were/are his equal? The Doctor is a genius in everything. He can out think any enemy. The Master is just as smart, devious and brilliant as The Doctor. He has battled The Doctor as many times as The Daleks and Cybermen but unlike them, he has imagination. Nor does he stomp towards The Doctor shouting a catchphrase which has been used so many times everybody has heard of it. He convinces others to do what he wants; he manipulates and twists people to his will. Granted in earlier stories, The Daleks have done the same (€œPower and Evil€) but in more recent stories they simply threaten people to get what they want. The Master, on the other hand, can charm people around to his way of thinking in a much more effective manner than your normal thug. The Master is more of a challenge for The Doctor to defeat.


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