Doctor Who: 10 Secrets Of Skaro You Need To Know

Skaro: home of the Daleks, war-torn battleground, and the Doctor's most HATED holiday location.

Doctor Who Genesis Of The Daleks Muto

The Doctor Who universe is full of powerful villains, but few are more feared than the Daleks. They've been battling the Doctor since the show began, and no matter how many times they're defeated, they always find a way to come back.

Basically, the Daleks are about as evil as it's possible to get, so it's fitting that their home planet - Skaro - is littered with dangerous creatures, covered in harsh terrains, and generally just full to the brim with things that will kill you if you get too close.

Like the Daleks, Skaro has been in the show from the very beginning, and because it's been around for so long, it has a rich history that's spread across TV episodes, comic books, audio dramas, novels, and even video games.

As a result, many of its most fascinating details and secrets are quite easy to miss, so let's clamber into our TARDISes and set the coordinates for a deep dive on the Dalek homeworld, a place that nobody in their right mind would want to visit... unless it's in an article like this one. You're welcome.

10. It Features A Polluted Lake Full Of Horrifying Creatures

Doctor Who Genesis Of The Daleks Muto

Just like our own planet Earth, Skaro is an enormous melting pot of climates, geographical features, and ecosystems, and as you'd expect from the planet that birthed the Daleks, a lot of these are quite deadly.

Case in point: the Lake Of Mutations, which, as its name suggests, is a toxic lake that has mutated the creatures that live in and around it, making it an extremely dangerous place to pass through - even for the Daleks themselves.

This lake first appeared all the way back in Doctor Who's second serial, the Daleks, where a small monster with glowing eyes rises from the water and terrifies Ian. The Thals who are accompanying Ian soon make it very clear that the lake is a place they should avoid, wisely deciding not to cross it.

Since this story aired back in the mid-1960s, we've learned that other creatures - like the two-headed, dinosaur-like Terrorkons, as well as some giant electric eels - also call the Lake Of Mutations their home.

Basically, you're better off taking your chances with the Daleks, rather than facing this nightmarish body of water.

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