Doctor Who: 10 Things That STILL Don't Make Sense

9. Found Footage Fiasco

Doctor Who Day of the Moon Amy Pond
BBC Studios

If there’s one thing the Doctor loves, it’s banging out their own highlight reel. They definitely have Googled themselves more than once. Well, to be fair, haven't we all?

Footage of prior episodes has been shown in-universe many, many times, and every single time, it prompts the same question: How on earth did they get hold of that?

How did the Cybermen get footage of the Tenth Doctor dispatching Father of Mine for their infostamp? How did Testimony swing by the Time War for some b-roll? And perhaps most puzzlingly of all, what were the Atraxi doing at Jackie Tyler’s birthday party in a parallel universe when they snagged their footage of the Cybermen?

Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour Cybermen
BBC Studios

Big questions. The answer? A tiny cameraman pointing his lens directly into the Doctor’s face as he savagely drowns the Racnoss, telling him to stare into the middle distance even more wistfully because it's TV gold.

In all seriousness, the real reason is because it wouldn't be feasible to shoot new material every single time a highlight reel is required, but that doesn't stop it making zero sense from an in-universe perspective.

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