Doctor Who: 10 Worst Episodes Of NuWho (So Far)

You were all thinking it.

d10-9k-c426 Many of the episodes in each series have been phenomenal, resulting in the best Doctor Who episodes of the revived era... and everyone remembers which ones! However, there has been at least one episode in every series that the Doctor Who audience have utterly despise - most even skip the episode when they get to it on the DVD and never dare speak its name again. Few of the recent episodes of Doctor Who have lacked many aspects and creativity and given the show a drop in ratings, which doesn't give the programme its well deserved title of 'the greatest TV show of all time'. In this article, each worst episode of NuWho will be revealed from within the Doctor Who catalogue and explained why it is the worst episode imaginable. Get ready for the worst episodes of Doctor Who imaginable...

10. Planet Of The Dead (2009 Easter Special)

BBC After the announcement of David Tennant's departure, the Doctor Who audience was awaiting the 5 specials that concluded the Time Lord's tenth incarnation. With the unique 2008 Christmas episode The Next Doctor they eagerly awaited what would come next but the excitement was soon to be exterminated. Planet of the Dead was the 2009 Easter Special but this episode was actually lacking something that excited its audience. Despite the fact that it had comedian Lee Evans in it and the end of the story provided some significance to the Tenth Doctor's fate, this feature length episode didn't live up to hype that it had created due to Tennnant's departure. The characters appeared annoying and had no relevance (apart from the elderly psychic) and the plot just generally had no instant appeal. This episode could have been better if there had been more of a a threat and a bigger focus on the Tenth Doctor's upcoming demise.
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