Doctor Who: 10 Worst NuWho Villains

The Tenth Doctor is awesome, but his bad guys? Not so much.


Few characters in pop-culture history have a rogues gallery that's as deep, as varied and as famous as the Doctor's.

Whether it's the iconic Daleks or the high-concept Midnight Entity, the limitless possibilities of the show afford the writers limitless possibilities when designing their villains, and as a result, we've seen some truly cracking ones over the years.

But they can't all be winners.

With NuWho celebrating its 16th birthday next March, Doctors Nine through Thirteen have faced dozens and dozens of villains across the farthest reaches of the universe, and while the vast majority of them worked well within their episodes - from new additions like the Weeping Angels to returning classics like the Ice Warriors - some modern Who monsters have, quite frankly, been absolute pants.

In some cases, the idea itself was solid, but the execution was lacklustre, and in others, the entire concept was rotten to the core. Either way, let's pray that the Doctor never again has to suffer the embarrassment of squaring off against these villains - the Oncoming Storm deserves much more worthy opponents than this lot.

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