Doctor Who: 10 Worst Things The Eleventh Doctor Has Ever Done

Doctor Who's most childish Doctor has crossed the line in countless ways.

Doctor Who Matt Smith the Eleventh Doctor
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For fans of Doctor Who, the show's main character is the physical embodiment of justice in the universe.

They are the high moral standard to which we should all aspire - a being of infinite knowledge, wisdom, and power, who uses their strengths to serve others, rather than themselves.

But not everyone has a spotless track record.

The Doctor is far from perfect, we all know that, but just how bad can they get? Well, in the case of Eleven, pretty bad indeed.

Matt Smith's version of the Time Lord not only committed several crimes against fashion, but also actual crimes as well. Like, an ironic amount of them, considering he literally lives in a police box.

Through no fault of his own, the Eleventh Doctor ruined countless lives, and even ended some of them. Actually, you know what, sometimes it wasn't even by accident. Eleven just straight-up wrecks people, with absolutely zero remorse!

Don't let the tweed jacket and the floppy hair fool you - this guy has a mean streak that stretches across all of space and time.

10. Getting Naked At Christmas (The Time Of The Doctor)

Doctor Who Matt Smith the Eleventh Doctor
BBC Studios

This one's fairly benign, but still a little disturbing.

In the Eleventh Doctor's final regular appearance, he turned up outside Clara's flat just in time for Christmas dinner. Only, when she opened the TARDIS door, she got a full look at the Time Lord's baubles.

He was stark naked. Why? Reasons, that's why.

The Doctor then applied some holographic clothes directly onto Clara's visual cortex, before meeting her family. Only one problem - he didn't project the clothes onto them.

Not only did the Doctor give a flimsy explanation as to why he was naked in the first place, he reveals that he knew the family could see him in the buff the entire time!

While it's hardly universe-altering, it's a teensy bit irresponsible on the Doctor's part to single-handedly ruin a family Christmas. Not everyone wants to see your crown jewels mate. Save that for River.

On the plus side, Clara's Nan seemed to enjoy this display. Maybe a little too much.

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