Doctor Who: 11 Actors Who Might Have Been The Doctor

Michael Jackson Doctor Who2 Right now, it seems like everyone IS the Doctor. Firstly, there's the mysterious "Doctor Who Never Was," in John Hurt who debuted in shock fashion at the end of the last series. Meanwhile, Peter Capaldi is just a few months away from succeeding Matt Smith , who in turn will next been seen alongside David Tennant in the 50th Anniversary Special... not to mention rumours from the Radio Times that another Doctor will be seen on-screen this year. Wherever you turn, it seems there are Doctors everywhere €“ real, unexplained, returning and yet-to be. This does also open up the question €“ how could things have been different in the past? Who could we have ended up with being alternative versions of our Timelord? Let's find out...

11. Ron Moody Is... The Third Doctor! (1970)

Ron Moody In 1969, Ron Moody was riding high on the success of Oliver! and Doctor Who was suffering poor ratings after Patrick Troughton decided to leave the show, along with his on-screen co-stars. With the show on the brink of cancellation, it was decided to give the series one last chance under a new leading man. Who would be finer than the man who played the grotesque Fagin with such precision and beauty on-screen, bagging an Oscar-nomination in the process? Sadly, Moody disagreed with the idea, and turned the offer down, leaving the way open for radio comedian Jon Pertwee to take the role. Moody later regretted his decision, and unlike some of the other names on this list, never appeared in the series elsewhere.

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