Doctor Who: 12 Greatest Master Moments Of All Time

In anticipation of John Simm's surprise return a look back at some classic Master scenes.


In case we weren’t already hyped about the return of Doctor Who, over the last few weeks the BBC has been drip feeding us with some scintillating spoilers for Peter Capaldi’s final series. First we were teased with the Ice Warriors, then the original 1966 version of the Cybermen, and finally the jaw dropping revelation that after a gap of seven years, John Simm will be returning as the Master.

To quote a certain Doctor: “What? What? What?”

There are apparently even bigger shocks to come, but few could have anticipated this, especially as Michelle Gomez will also be starring as Missy, the Master’s latest incarnation.

Cue frantic speculation about how a multi-master story might play out, with one source claiming that Moffat won’t be stopping at just two versions of the Doctor’s nemesis. Whatever the writer has up his sleeve, we can be sure that the Master, as ever, will be putting on quite a show.

From Roger Delgado in 1973 to Michelle Gomez in 2015, and whichever persona happens to be your personal favourite, the character has gifted us with some of Doctor Who’s most memorable scenes.


Paul Driscoll is a freelance writer and author across a range of subjects from Cult TV to religion and social policy. He is a passionate Doctor Who fan and January 2017 will see the publication of his first extended study of the series (based on Toby Whithouse's series six episode, The God Complex) in the critically acclaimed Black Archive range by Obverse Books. He is a regular writer for the fan site Doctor Who Worldwide and has contributed several essays to Watching Books' You and Who range. Recently he has branched out into fiction writing, with two short stories in the charity Doctor Who anthology Seasons of War (Chinbeard Books). Paul's work will also feature in the forthcoming Iris Wildthyme collection (A Clockwork Iris, Obverse Books) and Chinbeard Books' collection of drabbles, A Time Lord for Change.