Doctor Who 12th Doctor: 5 Reasons Why Eddie Izzard Should Be Cast

izzard timelord I'm as depressed as any Whovian is to find out that Matt Smith is finally departing the TARDIS. Unlike David Tennant's departure, which seemed very well-timed in my opinion, Matt Smith's upward trend in the role makes me feel cheated that I'm being robbed of this actor when it's plain to see that he's only going to get better, demonstrated by his shining performance in Series 7 and his chemistry with the lovely Jenna-Louise Coleman. He may not have been my first Doctor, but you know what? He was MY Doctor (sorry Chris). I might have continued to be depressed had I not suddenly realised that a fantasy I've been having for quite some time now might finally happen. Eddie Izzard! No matter what you think of the man as a comedian, he's certainly an intellectual fellow and a committed career actor. Not only that, but's he's been pining for the role for several years now ever since it's revival (more on that later). So, let's take a look at why I'm dumb enough to think my favourite comedian ought to be coming out of Matt Smith this Christmas! Boy THAT sounded strange...

5. Want A Female Doctor? No Problem!

eddie izzard in drag All jokes aside, many people are wanting a female Doctor this time around (or at least, they think they want a female Doctor). Personally, I don't think its a move they should make. I just don't imagine any casual viewer taking it seriously. Fans will enjoy it, and hell, maybe I'll warm up to it at some point, but for now it seems like a one step too far into the realms of silliness and self-parody. I'm not a sexist, and I'm not saying a woman can't do a good job in the role, but I am saying the public wouldn't give her a chance. Ratings would slip down to just the die hard fans (check the ratings for Series 7 if you want to know what I mean) and the next thing you know, the show's in real trouble. I think Steven Moffat is going to have auditions open to both sexes this time around. If a girl happens to better than a boy or vice versa, sobeit. He won't be specifically looking for one gender. Just my opinion. Don't hate me for having one. However, Eddie Izzard, a long time transvestite... okay, I don't really know where I'm going with this one. But if you want more feminine in your Doctor while still wanting to stick to the tradition of a white, British male... wow, I REALLY don't know where I'm going with this one... Okay, long story short, Izzard might just bring the best of both worlds. The casual viewer will say, "Oh, I like Eddie Izzard, that'll be a nice change," and the fan who wanted a lady Doctor will say, "Eh. Close enough."

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