Doctor Who 12th Wishlist - 13 Probable, Plausible And Impossible Replacements For Matt Smith


11. Helen Mirren


Another name that has come up repeatedly, Dame Helen Mirren needs no introduction. She would not only be the first woman, but the first full-blown, internationally recognized, Oscar-winning movie star to take on the role of The Doctor. But, hell, if you€™re going to cast a celebrity, why not go for the gold€?

WHY HER: Let€™s put aside, for the moment, that she€™s one of the greatest living actresses, that her knowing smile, no-nonsense attitude and noble bearing make her perfect for the role, and that she€™s been the favorite choice of fans for a first female Doctor for years, and just cut to the chase: SHE WANTS TO DO IT. She has said in interviews that she€™d like to be the first female Doctor and would jump at the chance. Are we really going to say, €œNo,€ to Helen Mirren€?

SEE HER IN: Jesus, people, it€™s Helen f**king Mirren€ Take your pick€ But just for all you ageist naysayers who are about to jump in and tell me that Doctor Who has changed since the 1960€™s and older actors just wouldn€™t be able to keep up with the action-star demands of playing the Doctor in the current series, check out Mirren laying down machine gun fire with grace and aplomb (wearing an evening gown and combat boots, no less!) in RED.


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