Doctor Who: 13 Cool Details Revealed In Steven Moffat's Time Of Angels Commentary

The Weeping Angels have a secret ability...


When Steven Moffat was announced as the new showrunner of Doctor Who, it was an exciting moment. Not only was the standout writer from the Russell T Davies era being given the top job, but there was a strong likelihood that he'd bring his existing Doctor Who creations - River Song, the clockwork droids, the Vashta Nerada - with him.

And while not all of Moffat's characters and villains made the jump to his Doctor Who reign, the one that everyone was most hyped about - the Weeping Angels - did.

The iconic stony ninjas made their long-awaited return in Series 5's The Time Of Angels/Flesh And Stone, a story that dialled up the action and flooded the screen with statues. It's not as beloved as Blink, but it's a worthy successor, and it helped cement the Angels' status as the most successful villain to come from modern Who.

Having recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of this story, now is a great time to whip out our TARDIS scanners and analyze it in a bit more detail. And what better way to do that than by diving into the commentary track for The Time Of Angels?

Featuring writer Steven Moffat and star Karen Gillan, the commentary is a highly engaging dive into the making of the episode, with the two creators dropping plenty of behind-the-scenes secrets and stories that you might not have heard about before.

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