Doctor Who: 14 Cool Details James Moran Just Revealed About The Fires Of Pompeii

13. Moran Couldn't Figure Out The Doctor's First Line

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While it's easy to judge a TV show from an audience perspective, just think about how ridiculously difficult it must be to sit down and write a quality Doctor Who episode. It's a minor miracle that we've had so many great stories over the years.

Moran, obviously, does know how difficult it is, and in the early stages of the writing process, he struggled to get his episode off to a good start.

More specifically, he was stuck on what to write for the Doctor's very first line, and was worried that the dialogue he came up with didn't sound very Doctor-like.

In the end, he settled on "Ancient Rome!", followed by "Well, not to them, obviously", which are both spoken by Tennant right after he steps out of the TARDIS.

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