Doctor Who: 25 Actors We'd Love To Call The Doctor

Let's play the old Whovian pub game of "in an ideal universe, who would you love to see play the Doctor?"

A new era of Doctor Who has begun. On Monday, filming commenced on Doctor Who Series 8, starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. And not just the Doctor, the Twefth Doctor, or the new, shouty, Glaswegian Doctor, but as the first Doctor for a whole new set of regenerations. The Doctor has another thirteen bodies to look forward to, and so do we. Each incarnation becomes a person that we grow to adore, learn to love the quirks of, and spot the quirks that he's inherited. Capaldi will no doubt be an amalgamation of the Doctors he grew up admiring, but he'll bring his own mannerisms to the role, throw his own spin on the character that we've known and loved for what is now, 51 years. But looking into the horizon of Who, what could possibly lie beyond Capaldi? Dare we think that far? Who could possibly carry the sonic screwdriver one day? Let's play the old Whovian pub game of "in an ideal universe, who would you love to see play the Doctor?" In no particular order, here are twenty-five of our examples, and we'd love to hear yours in the comments.

25. David Bowie

David Bowie

Let's start off with a man who's actually probably maybe an alien. David Bowie's 67 this year, and probably best known for being the chameleonic singer behind hits such as 'Changes', 'Life on Mars?', 'Heroes' and 'Let's Dance', but he has had stints in acting; namely, Bowie appeared as an alien in The Man Who Fell to Earth, Jareth in Labyrinth and even as himself in a hilarious Extras cameo. So why would the Thin White Duke be so fantastic? Because he's effortlessly cool, strangely hypnotising and enigmatic, just as a Time Lord should be. If he could bring the heart of his music to the role, he'd be incredible to watch; perhaps a bit of a gimmicky casting choice, and probably only as one-off at that, but there's always charity specials, isn't there?

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