Doctor Who: 4 Best (Forgotten) Matt Smith Speeches

doctor who speech There have been a lot of lists out there of Matt Smith€™s greatest and most important moments as the Doctor. And these lists are right, and timely. But there are some moments that have tended to be overlooked, unsung. That€™s too bad, because they€™re brilliant. They weren€™t defining moments for Matt Smith or the Eleventh Doctor. What they showed us was something we already knew about the Doctor. They were brilliant because Matt Smith made us see the Doctor in a slightly different way. There were no surprises in these speeches. No universe-shattering revelations. No armies stood still to listen to them. In fact, they had an audience of one or two. Of the ones I chose, only one was even made to an enemy. But they were breathtaking. They reminded us why we loved the Doctor. So thank you, Mr. Smith. Read on for 4 of the best forgotten Eleventh Doctor speeches.
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